Cause, You’ll be in my heart, always…

This is my another project… Yes, I know it is not perfect because I’m still learning how to visualize the story using letter. hah. Keep fighting lah!
Inspired by the song, You’ll be in my heart-Phill Collin (Ost.Tarzan). I am a big fan of Tarzan… I was not bored watching the movie again and again. haha.. so freak! therefore, the song was so influential in my life.


5 thoughts on “Cause, You’ll be in my heart, always…

  1. Cecile

    i like this yongss… ^^
    (emang dasarnya seneng banget ma lagunya)

    gambarna dirapiin aja yongss..
    itu yang pas dagu, emang sengaja dibuat tebel kah?
    *tidak terlalu mengerti design^^

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