Hello, how are you?

-no answer-

Hello, how are you?

-still no answer and I wondering-



I know you there… I can feel your breathe…
Baby, tell me why?
Why you so hard to say that things?
Why you must say goodbye?
That should be me…
I should say goodbye to you…
It’s better much than you.

Ok. I just wanna say that thing.
If you don’t answer my telepon, it means you give up…
And please set me free…

You must be ok without me…




3 thoughts on “Hello

    • Febrina Widihapsari

      I’m glad to read your comment…
      I just wrote what I imagine … And by the way that’s not the real story … hehe …

      P.S. I tried to improve my English … I think my English is not good enough… hehehe…

      Keep reading n writing! 🙂

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