Music is the reason I can dance


I can hear…
I can feel…
Every beat in my heart
becomes a beautifull instrument…
Like food for my soul…
It can make me feel, that life it’s just like dancing.
Dancing with the music on.
Dancing with myself…
Dancing with your own life,

Feel it.
Your music is your pattern…
Feel it.
Let the music be your guide,
Feel it.
Your body move around.
Feel it.
You can dance.
and I can dance through it all.
Dry and wet.
Happy and sorrow…
black… or.. whitee…

Feel the beat.
Feel the emotion.
Let your body express it!
Music, make you move your feet…
You’re dynamic, not static….
So don’t be afraid to take your step.

Music, make you know who you are,,,
Music is the way to make you know how to be yourself…
Music is the reason you can dance in your whole life…

10.30 p.m.


2 thoughts on “Music is the reason I can dance

    • Febrina Widihapsari

      Yeah. I think no one can live without music. Music is an inpiration, music is like a food of the soul… Music is the rthym of our life,,, right?

      Thanks for reading… 🙂

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