The Art of Night

I like the art of night.
Black is beautifull.
so pure like white
too much mystery behind the darkness.

The darkness keep me in silence,
while my hand keep on writing
while my head keep on dreaming
while my heart keep on trusting
while my feet keep on walking
through it all.

I never tired to keep on searching something different behind the stars.
I always looking for a magical world beside the moon.
I often wondering, how’s beautifull the light inside my heart that radiating out.
Spread love for the world.
And I can be the queen of the night with my own words…
Keep my eyes on the dark sky.
I love you…
Till my last breathe, till the time of my life…
I’ll stand by you…
With the all unique creatures.
My inspiration.
Keep shining.

09:54 p.m.