Between “Talk LESS, Do MORE” and “MORE We, LESS Me”

I never thought I before, untiL I through it all… All this busy week all my time, and so complicated time in this 7th Semester at college. I should take “TA (Tugas Akhir)” next semester but I haven’t been able to because I must have internship first.
Ah ya! I tried too hard to gain a workgroup, even not me as a leader but it’s really makes me wonder. How could it all happen? All I wanna do it’s read your mind, but I can read your mind. I never feels it before until work together as a team. Yes we’re teammates.. Oh hell yeah! #purapuramati
First, you handle it all with your crazy-odd-strange mind, and when you asked me for opinion, I said it, but you didn’t even heard me??? Soooo I start to singing a song in my head with full stereo-bass on

“So when I speak, listen, this is my decision
And you keep on messing up the words
So when I speak, listen ’cause you keep on pushing
Like I need permission to be heard”

This song called Higher by The Saturdays.. OH MY GOD I really into it. haha.
To be continue…
I hate when someone not really get it when I speak, Like in out space.
I so sick of playing this game, should I back off?
Cause,prinsip saya “Untuk apa mempertanggung jawabkan apa yang tidak bisa dipertanggung jawabkan lagi? karena ketidak jelasan?”
Tapi lagi-lagi saya mulai memutar otak. bagaimana semua ini bisa kembali kepada jalan yang benar.
This is TEAM. And TEAM should be TOGETHER even if GOOD or BAD times, and a TEAM should have a good leader to bringing a success and joy to all team.
And heard what they say… And the most IMOPRTANTLY is TALK LESS DO MORE, dude. We can work it out if we together.
And the best part of this drama, a friend told me that “TEAM is MORE WE, LESS ME” Yes I agreed! Totally! COCOK! KECE! sumpah jadi pengen nabok. haaa
WE are YOU, ME, US.
ME is me. My self.
Please look the difference.

I’m totally afraid when you know all the think I do and you being like spy or murder that always stay behind me (with golok and celurit) -__-”,
to make sure that me always do like you said. not always do like you do. HEY HO! You said you counting on me. You count on me? (semacam lagu Bruno Mars)
First time I’m pretty sure and said “AKU PADAMU!” haha.. but lately, I’m tired of all these. Mamaaaaaaaaaa. . .

Ok. Intinya sih, yang namanya TIM ya itu tadi “MORE WE, LESS ME” that should be TEAM.
Terimakasih pelajaran di semester 7 ini… mengajarkanku banyak sekali tentang sifat-safat manusia… dan bagaimana menghandlenya.
dan bagaimana aku bisa SABAR. SABAR. SABAR. meski cobaan tak kunjung pergi. Tapi Tuhan pasti beri cobaan yang dipastikan kita bisa melewatinya. :3
Love you God, I always be yours.. aihhhh, kayak apaan aja…

Sorry for my English. haha.

Febrina Widihapsari


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